Six Steps for Turning Marriage
Back Into Passionate Courtship

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“Marriage is no excuse for not loving.”
--Andreas Cappellanus
The Art of Honorable Love, 13th century

“Why should I go out for hamburger
when I can have steak at home?”

--Paul Newman

“Boyfriends need to understand that if women are worshipped,
the world will be a better place.”

--Nicole Kidman

“If you want your wife to be a Goddess,
worship her.”

--Clairette de Longvilliers

Worshipping Your Wife:
Introduction: Rekindling the Fire

“The thrill is gone.”

It's the lament of so many married couples. Familiarity and routine, recriminations and disappointments, take a predictable toll on happy-every-aftering. Husbands and wives drift apart, physically and emotionally, or maintain alliances of custom and convenience, keepers of a flickering flame.

There seems a sad inevitability in all this. Love has its seasons, as John Gray reminds us in Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. It's folly to expect eternal springtime, perpetual romance. Most marriage counselors would agree. Divorce attorneys can be even more pragmatic. They know that once the cancer of disaffection has spread, the damage is almost always irreversible.

But what if it's not necessarily true? What if love can be rekindled, even the all-consuming passion of first love? And not rekindled briefly, for just a season, but “ever after,” creating that fairytale future couples dream about when saying their vows?

That it can happen--and happen to you--is the extravagant claim of WORSHIPPING YOUR WIFE.


1: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

2: Making Her Your Fantasy

3: Perpetual Courtship

4: A Playful Step Beyond

5: Pampering and Pitching In

6: Daring to Be Known By Her

7: Bonus Points: Motivational Magic

8: Happy Ever-Aftering Takes Work

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“Courtship was 15 or 16 years ago for my wife and me,” one husband eloquently testified. “I've been able to resurrect those feelings. It's about putting my best foot forward all the time, treating her with respect, love and courtesy. It's about being obsessed with pleasing her, generally giving her to understand that she will never be taken for granted. In making her the principal focus of my energy, I have given myself more happiness and purpose than I could ever have imagined.”

The transformations described in WORSHIPPING YOUR WIFE are real, the ideas workable, as I continue to discover (and am told by other couples who have tried them). “What women seek is total experience in the relationship” was another husband's belated discovery. He elaborated: “Women love to be worshipped, not just seduced in bed. And why restrict sex to the bedroom? Why not eroticize the entire relationship?”

Are these prescriptions for men? Yes, and for women to hand-deliver to the men in their lives, with salty or salient passages highlighted. Because WORSHIPPING YOUR WIFE is devoid of psychobabble and replete with what motivates men to get involved romantically in the first place--sex.

WORSHIPPING YOUR WIFE recommends a return to courtship, that time when a guy and a girl found each other most mysterious and magnetic. What if your marriage had only a ho-hum courtship? WORSHIPPING YOUR WIFE will show you how to turn up the heat the second time around.

Husbands who follow these formulas find a funny and wondrous thing happening. Not only are they transformed, but so are their mates. Wives, viewed through the radiant prism of adoration, regain the full mystery of their sex. And husbands, by elevating their wives, find themselves becoming romantically obsessed again. Marriages, even after years of dormancy, begin to pulse with a new and potent eroticism.

The dynamics of this passionate reversion are detailed. But consider this: Courtship and reconciliation are clearly defined crises in a man's life. He will do anything to win the woman of his dreams; should he lose her, he will do anything to win her back. Why, then, is he not willing to do anything, on a daily basis, to keep her contented? Because husbands don't perceive that a wife can be lost if never again wooed or won, that marriage is also a crisis, deserving of extreme efforts. This is not punishment, but reward: His wife is more than worthy of the very best he can give.

Without further preamble, here's the entire six-step program--for the husband.

The husband needs to:

  • 1. Realize that "the thrill is gone" and that he wants to get it back.
  • 2. Save his sex energies for his wife.
  • 3. Make her his fantasy.
  • 4. Court her every day, attempt to win her anew.
  • 5. Pamper her and pitch in around the house.
  • 6. Dare to be known by her.

For the details, please check out the book…

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