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Advice to Wives

I know, I know. Men are not exactly avid seekers of romantic advice. If we were, there wouldn't be a need for the tonnage of articles and books on salvaging or spicing up sagging relationships. “Fantastic!” was the reaction of a woman writer friend when she heard what I was working on. “Now, if I could only get my husband to read it.” So here's the obvious Catch 22 for the clever woman: Figuring out how to get this information where it ultimately--and desperately--needs to go.

You might try leaving printouts on the coffee table. A more direct approach: Actually stick it under his nose, with a hint-hint, nudge-nudge. “Darling, what do you think of this?” Even more direct: “Read this, honey, and take notes.” (More radical methods of persuasion I leave to the fertile imaginations of the wiser sex.)

I'm doing everything I can to help the cause in the writing--working on your guy's motivation, talking him through the process, step by step, starting with why, moving along to what, when, how--even how much and how often.


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